PINK ROOM PROJECT, recently profiled in Vice’s 2017 Music Issue, is a DIY collective based in New Orleans, LA. Founded by Brandon Ares (Artist/Producer) and Lil Jodeci (DJ//Producer), their origins start with Ares and Lil Jodeci making records in the living room of a shotgun home, to the ever-evolving underground dance parties they started in the city. They have developed a scene and sound that effortlessly blends early Detroit House, Industrial, Hip-Hop, R&B and Rock & Roll. 

On the heels of their first NYC show at Baby’s All Right for Vice’s 2017 Music Issue, the introduction of Pink Room’s Hotline parties has changed the future dynamic of New Orleans nightlife and counterculture. A secret address is sent via text pulling up to 500 people at will. Ares has also done a number of performances in New Orleans with artists such as Goldlink, Homeshake, A-Trak, and Delish Da Goddess. Lil Jodeci has DJ’d alongside Mannie Fresh, at Solange’s Saint Heron parties, and has a residency with ACE Hotel New Orleans along with a weekly dance party, SET DE FLO centered around Deep House.

Pink Room Project also features other musicians, visual artists, videographers, DJ’s and producers: Yves, riq50, Free TrialQuick Weave, and Jonny Thundafuck.

The Pink Room Project’s first official release in May 2017, “BACK TO 99” is an ode to Juvenile and Prince and is the single for the upcoming self-titled compilation album, “Pink Room Project.” The song highlights Ares as a frontman vocally bringing the New Orleans scene to the forefront. Expanding outside of the ever growing culture of New Orleans, they hope to produce more unique events/performances and music that will be remembered on a global level, like their predecessors before them.




“A young collective called The Pink Room Project is pushing the city's musical legacy into the future, catching the eye of Solange in the process.”

“New Orleans Is Bubbling Over” Vice x Noisey 2017 Music Issue Story

“The most vocal character of the bunch is rapper and producer Ares who, at times, sounds like if Juvenile would have grown up listening to deep house instead of bounce.”

Brandon Ares - Run The Set Music Video Premiere

“Few artists have taken on the task of going all out for the rap rockstar sound. Produced by The Pink's Ares, is filled with echoey synths, guitar riffs, and pounding drums.”

- Hirakish “Flesh” prod. Brandon Ares

 “Assisted by sounds from Lil Jodeci, their sets are electric and spontaneous. Their ambiguous sound with predominant punk-rock, soul/R&B, and dance/techno elements, rich or poor, black or white, young or old, gay or straight, the rhythm was for all of us.”

- Saint Heron Premiere


“Produced again with Brandon Ares and Lil Jodeci, “Liquid Geezus” is a rockout split into two halves.”

Dazed Digital